7 tips for designing your sales incentive scheme

9th February, 2017
Determine if you really need one There are sales roles and then there are sales roles.  Many roles are more like customer service roles, which happen to be attached to a revenue target.  The less self-aware people who are in these roles celebrate success when they are up in sales, but blame the market when they are down in sales.  When the revenue generated is due to several variables that are outside of the control of the sales person, when the role is largely qualitative in nature, or complex in that there are a number of different outcomes you’re wanting,... read more»

How to use open questions effectively with your staff

1st February, 2017
What is an open question? An open question is one that allows (or forces) the other person to provide more than just a one word answer.  This is as opposed to a closed question.  For example: Open question: How did you go about helping that customer? Closed question: Did you help the customer? Why use open questions? Open questions are incredible powerful.  They are the key to achieving many positive results with your people. Open questions: ...allow you to properly understand a situation, therefore enabling you to target your feedback and coaching. ...help your employee to think through a problem or... read more»