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Business owners are often finding it difficult to determine if they should hire a candidate or not. Very often, the outcome is that they make a decision on their gut feel and that often turns out to be the wrong decision. Using our outsourced interviewing and assessment service provides a robust and objective assessment of candidates you are considering to hire.


Why do you need it?

You are getting tired of hiring people who look good on paper and seem to say all the right things at the interview, but too often end up falling short of the mark.  If you are not using the right assessments performed by an experienced professional, you open yourself up to a significant risk of hiring the wrong person.

Who is it for?

Every business needs to be hiring the right people.  For small-medium businesses, it becomes even more critical.  In large companies, one wrong person amongst 1,000 people is only 0.1% of the workforce.  Conversely, one wrong person in a team of 50 is 5% of your workforce and in a team of 10 is 10% of your workforce - you cannot afford any passengers.  To add to this, the destructive impact of a toxic person makes the need to engage the right professional help a no-brainer.

What do we offer?

You will receive an objective assessment of your candidates based on the key requirements of the role.  This includes interviewing, psychometric testing and other assessments as necessary.

Behavioural Event Interviewing

  • You will receive our analysis of the five most important behavioural competencies required for success in the role, along with participating in a discussion on the culture, experience and mindset requirements.
  • Interviews are conducted either onsite or our office (with or without you present depending on your preference) or a Skype interview that is recorded for you to view at your convenience.
  • You will receive a written report on how the candidate has performed against each competency.

Psychometric testing

  • You will be provided with a personality profiling report that identifies the likely behaviours of your candidate that can't always be identified in an interview.
  • You will receive a report of the candidate's aptitude assessment, which will provide you with insight into their ability to problem solve, learn with incomplete information, work with numbers and understand written information
  • You will be provided with an overall summary of the candidate in relation to the role and their likely success

Other assessments

  • You may want to see the candidate in action in a simulated work environment
  • You will be provided with the development of an assessment that can be used ongoingly for that role
  • You can participate in, or else see the results of, this simulated assessment - be it a role play, case study or another type of activity

What are behavioural interviews?

Many business owners and managers will conduct interviews in a manner that is not valid and tend to rely on whether they like the person or not and what is written on their resume.

Behavioural interviews are based on the concept that past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour. As opposed to candidates talking about what they normally do or what you should do, it is more relevant to know what they actually did in a particular situation. It's not just about their initial answer though, the true skill is in asking the right follow up questions that explore the situation further - but without spoon-feeding the answer.  Interpreting behaviours accurately and avoiding the trap of biases is critical in conducting behavioural interviews effectively.

What are psychometric tests?

Psychometric tests are scientifically based standard assessments that measure a person's behavioural tendencies and cognitive abilities.  The tests we use are from a global leader in psychometric testing and we have personally used these assessments for decades across thousands of candidates.  The insight provided by psychometric testing is unparalleled and is an essential part of any valid recruitment and assessment process.

Why you should work with Beyond HR Consulting in outsourcing your interviewing and candidate assessment

We have interviewed and assessed thousands of candidates across hundreds of different situations and positions.  We have seen countless people get hired and know the results of their performance, so we have had the opportunity to validate our own assessments.  Our techniques are also built on proven techniques based on behavioural science.

Whilst we are located in Melbourne, we work with business owners across Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

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