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What are policies and procedures?

The policies and procedures which you develop will help define your business. They will provide clear structures and expectations for your employees and they will guide you through challenging HR situations. There is no need to set about writing a 1000 page HR manual nor should you gloss over important business procedures. Your documentation should be clear, comprehensive and relevant to your company and its employees. Successful organisational procedures will also increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your employees. From a legal perspective, well written and appropriate HR documentation also protects owners, employees and clients. As such, workplace policies and procedures are essential for any business and their importance should not be underplayed.

Unfortunately, some small businesses tend to overlook proper organisational structures. Many growing businesses do not have strict HR policies and procedures in place. Perhaps unexpected growth has distracted owners or perhaps the establishment of sound workplace procedures has simply not been a priority. Whatever the reason, a lack of business policies and procedures can become a serious HRM issue when an incident occurs that should have been covered in a procedural document isn't. If there is no record that employees were aware of rules and regulations, then both you and your staff are at risk. Poor employee conduct, OHS incidents, appropriate employee use of email and social media use and workplace bullying are all examples of possible breaches which should be covered in HR policies and procedures for small businesses.

Why you should use Beyond HR

There are many different HR systems which facilitate the creation and management of policies and procedures. Working out which systems suits your business needs and provides the greatest benefits can be a challenging process. Each system has its benefits and drawbacks and we will you decide which one is most appropriate for you. Beyond HR has reviewed all these systems for you and can recommend which ones provide the best policy storage and distribution and sign-off functionality. Beyond HR also recognises the importance of using specifically tailored policies and procedures for small businesses. We will work with you to design appropriate workplace procedures, employee guidelines and management processes. Our agency can also manage your onboarding process so that you do not have to worry about it.

What makes Beyond HR different

While many of our competitors are wedded to one system, we have a number of different systems which we use depending on your specific needs. You can be safe in the knowledge that we are working for the right solution for your business, rather than trying to push a solution onto you because it suits us. We can even provide offline policies and procedures if your employee base is not comfortable using online systems. Put simply, Beyond HR will work with you and your employees facilitate the creation and implementation of all policies and procedures in the workplace.

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