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The tangible impact on businesses that clever people management and
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A little bit about Beyond HR

History has shown that successful businesses have well aligned, win/win relationships between management and employees. We believe this is a critical and often overlooked factor in many small to medium businesses.

We see a lot of trial and error, a lot of wasted effort in businesses before they realise that what they are doing isn’t working. The opportunity cost (not to mention the actual cost) of misaligned HR processes can be much more significant than most businesses realise.

Getting your HR practices and processes aligned and well structured early on in your business can save you a fortune in the long run. We work with you to solve your immediate HR issues and build a flexible scalable model for your business to continue growing.

We understand that each business is unique and that’s why we get involved at a granular level.  Understanding and providing tangible, tailored outcomes for your business and your people is what we do best.

Unlike a lot of HR firms we don’t just send through templates and leave you be.  We get involved and understand the intricacies of each business.  For a period of time, we integrate directly into the day-to-day operations of your business and work directly with you, your managers and your staff to build capability.

Our Core Values?

Our Core Values dictate how we run our business and how we teach our clients to run their business. If these values resonate with you then get in contact as we’d love to talk with you.

  • Hard on the behaviour, soft on the person Hard on the behaviour, soft on the person

    Don’t accept sub-par behaviour – but don’t be a you-know-what when you’re doing it.

  • Seek first to understand Seek first to understand

    They say the person in the room with an opinion is the weakest one. Understand the situation first and base your decisions on the facts.

  • It’s all about execution It’s all about execution

    Everyone seems to have great ideas. The difference is in how people execute them. It’s easy to start something, but be the person who also finishes it.

HR Support

We help you resolve current employee issues and then implement processes to reduce the risk of them re-occuring.

Strategy Development

We help to clarify what your strategy is to enable an engaged workforce, an attractie employee value proposition and to align people to strategy.

Organisational Design

We look at the complete design of your organisational, so that you can maximise your time spent on high value tasks and enable others to take full accountability.

Training & Development

We provide training and development solutions that provide a clear and tangible results.

Employee Retention

We provide you insight into how to best attract and retain talent, including your current team

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