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Implement robust position descriptions to provide your team with clarity on responsibilities and accountabilities

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Position Descriptions, when implemented correctly, provide greater value than simply a list of tasks on a piece of paper. They can be used to achieve significant improvement in aligning your business with each team member. They can also provide employees with a greater sense of purpose and a basis for conducting valuable performance and development discussions.

Why do you need it?

It can be easy to assume that everyone knows what they need to do.  However, even when there are only two people in your business, it is at this point that confusion can exist.  Assumptions about who is doing what can lead to tasks not being completed at all, duplication of activities and long delays in achieving results. As a business grows, this problem only gets worse.

Who is it for?

Position Descriptions are important to have for anyone who has staff, whether they are employees or contractors.  Agreeing on a clear Position Description with each person enables them to have greater clarity and confidence in the role - this includes the business owner/leader themselves.

What do we offer?

Position Descriptions are not just about a piece of paper for compliance purposes.  It's about providing role clarity to each employee, aligning positions with the priorities of the business and identifying the strengths required for successful performance.

Step 1: Develop the Position Description of the business owner/leader

That's right.  Your Position Description is one of the most important, if not the most important to get right.  Your time is incredibly important and you need to be playing to your strengths.  We identify your natural strengths in detail using our personality profiling tool that looks at 67 likely behaviours.  Most importantly, we will know in detail what part of your job gives you energy and what saps your energy.

Step 2: Define the roles around the business owner/leader that allow you to focus on High-Value Activities

The beauty of being the business leader is that you can craft the positions that will support you and help take away Low-Value Activities for you.  We simply make those Low-Value Activities for someone else and we help to evaluate who the most suitable person would be for that role; whether that is an existing team member or someone new you require for the team.  We meet with you to gain an understanding of your view and add in our own knowledge from working across dozens of businesses and hundreds of positions.

Step 3: Engage the team with the draft Position Descriptions

People will not buy into what is simply done to them.  So whilst we meet with you and add in our own knowledge, we also engage directly with your team members to understand what their view is of their role.  Often there can be a mismatch between what their views are of the role and what is important versus yours. This is a great opportunity to identify gaps and align thinking.

Step 4: Support the implementation of Position Descriptions

What is essential about Position Descriptions is that they actually happen.  It might seem obvious, but simply documenting roles doesn't ensure it happens the way as planned.  We work with you and your team to support the transition of new tasks, development plans and actions.

Why you should work with Beyond HR Consulting on your Position Descriptions

At Beyond HR Consulting, our approach to Position Descriptions focuses on leveraging the strengths of the team, identifying duplications or missed tasks and enhancing accountability.  Our approach to Position Descriptions has been specifically developed for small-medium businesses in Australia going through rapid growth.


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