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Use the power of psychometric testing to hire better, align people to strengths and to develop your talent.

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Psychometric testing is one of the most powerful ways to leverage the talent of your existing team and to ensure you are hiring the right people into the right roles.

Why do you need it?

A lot of businesses are hiring people simply based off meeting a person, reviewing their resume and talking to a former employer who doesn't have you interests at heart.  Psychometric testing provides accurate insight you simply cannot gain from those other activities as to whether or not that person will perform well in the role.   You may be internally promoting someone to the wrong role, therefore turning a high performed into a low performer.  You might simply want to develop someone who has high potential.  Put simply, the right psychometric tests used in the right way are an essential part of an effective approach to talent management.

Who is it for?

For any business owner who is serious about building a high performing team, psychometric testing is an essential part of the process.

What do we offer?

We use psychometric tests from a a global leader SHL and have been using these same assessments for 15 years.  We have seen hundreds of people in the workplace and so have a significant amount direct evidence of their accuracy.

Below are the most frequently used assessments:

  • A personality profile that identifies their 67 preferred behaviours (e.g. whether this person is likely to check their work, whether they are likely to enjoy sales etc.)
  • An aptitude test that assesses a person's ability to learn, think logically and to solve problems with incomplete information
  • An aptitude test that assesses their ability to work well with numbers
  • An aptitude test that provides you insight into how well they can read and understand written information

We also provide a debrief and tailored analysis of the results in the context of your business, your roles and your priorities.

What is a psychometric test?

A psychometric test is a scientific method for assessing an individual’s cognitive ability and behavioural patterns. In other words, it helps to identify how intelligent a person is in different areas, such as problem-solving, their numerical ability, or understanding written information. It also indicates how a person is likely to behave and to what extent their behaviour may suit the role they are in (i.e. personality assessment). Psychometric profiling is used in recruitment screening, organisational design, team development and individual development planning.

How are psychometric tests used?

A psychometric profile is a useful resource that offers an accurate evaluation of individuals during the recruitment process. Beyond HR focuses on aptitude test development to help you gauge just the right person for employment. For example, a test for managers whose role requires strong numerical reasoning would require a specialised numerical psychometric test in a controlled situation to determine skill level.

Why role suitability is essential

We all have different personalities and natural behaviours. Some people may be naturally inclined to want to analyse information, whilst others prefer to complete routine processes. Others may really just want to be interacting with people. While you can ask people these questions, the right questionnaire and employee assessment can gain better insight that is less influenced by pre-conceived ideas of what someone should say.

For example, a common problem in business is that staff have been placed in management and leadership positions when they aren’t actually suited to the role. They have been promoted for their technical competence but should have been left to continue to perform their original role. By implementing a test for leadership, you can uncover if their personality is best suited to a management level role.

Who uses psychometric profiling?

Aptitude and psychometric tests are more common than ever now – from small business consultants to larger senior management executives, hardly anyone seeking a management role can avoid taking a psychometric analysis test. These types of tests are designed to make it easier for Human Resources to find someone with the relevant skill set in the recruitment and selection process.

Why you need to be using psychometric testing

When hiring for talent, many managers in SMEs simply conduct a get-to-know-you interview. Furthermore, even with the right approach to interviewing and other assessment methods, having the right psychometric analysis using recruitment assessment tests and tools uncovers information you would not normally know about. Even with very strong candidates, it is much better to know more about what to expect when that person starts than knowing much less. It is imperative to use the right psychometric test for recruitment.

Some business owners are reluctant to use psychometric evaluation because of the cost of psychometric testing. However, the cost of a poor recruitment decision by not using the right candidate assessment test is many, many times more costly – especially at the management level. The benefit of a carefully planned recruitment strategy far outweighs the test cost.

Why you should work with Beyond HR

Beyond HR Consulting works with SHL for our psychometric tests, who are one of the leading psychometric assessment companies globally with success for over 30 years. With so many psychometric test companies on the market today, using the wrong assessment is worse than using none at all. Furthermore, you want to make sure you are working with experienced HR consultants who can assist you with interpreting the psychometric assessment results in the context of all the other information available about that person and about the unique situation in your business.

Beyond HR Consulting is based in Melbourne, however, the businesses we work with have a presence across Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane and other capital cities. If you would like more information about our HR assessment tests, employment skills testing, other HR services and recruitment guidance, contact us for the best advice specific to your recruiting process.

Our years of expert HR consulting will empower you to make an executive decision about your team. Make an appointment with us today and enjoy qualified HR services.

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