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Rather than allow an issue to continue to fester, engage Beyond HR Consulting to assist you with resolving the matter, whilst also managing unfair dismissal risk.

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Why do you need it?

Many business owners just allow a problem to fester until it becomes critical.  If you feel that you might be doing this, it could be simply because you are unsure of how to deal with it.  The longer you leave it, the worse the situation is likely to get.  You need someone who has a track record of helping business owners like yourself to fix the situation.

Who is it for?

Anyone who believes they have a performance issue in their business and doesn't feel like they have been dealing with it as well as they should.  You may be wondering if you haven't supported them properly or if they have barriers that are impeding their performance - or maybe you know deep down they are not the right fit for your business.  Dealing with it in the right way is critical for your business and for your team culture.

What do we offer?

We will work alongside you to help identify the root cause of the performance issue.  You won't be left alone with just a set of instructions to follow.  You will receive insight into the different options, observations of how the employee reacts and a realistic view of whether they are likely to succeed in that current role.  You will gain knowledge of what risks might exists should the situation move to termination and what you can do about it.

Below are the likely steps we would take:

Step 1: Gain insight into what the specific issue is

Each situation we come across has its own nuances and circumstances.  It's important for us to understand what has taken place so far, what is indicating this person is not performing and the impact is having in you and your business.

Step 2: Discuss options with you

There are a number of different roads that can be taken, each with its own benefits and risks. We can also be highly involved in the situation or support you more at arm's length.  You will know exactly what options are available and be empowered to be able to proceed with confidence.

Step 3: Implement action plan

Whether we commence with clarifying what the role is or how performance is measured, work towards an improvement plans or discuss options for an exit - you will be supported the whole way through.  Consistency and follow up is essential to success and we will play a lead role in helping you to achieve this.

What is the value of having an overall robust performance management approach?

To say that performance management is monitoring the achievements and effectiveness of your employees would be underselling the importance of this human resources process. Performance management is so much more than this. In fact, proper HR performance management can be a crucial element in the success of your business. When you are managing performance well, you are motivating your staff through honest and justified feedback, the setting of achievable targets and goals, outlining career development and through genuine support. Managing poor employee behaviours and outcomes is similarly importance area of HR performance management. Considering these points, it is alarming to consider that many small-medium businesses do not use effective performance management procedures.

Why performance measurement is essential

To better explain the importance of effective HRM performance management, let us take you back to school. Irrespective of how much you enjoyed school or how well you did, everyone has that one teacher they always remember. Everyone has that one teacher who supported and encouraged you consistently, who challenged you, who provided you with fair and actionable feedback, who motivated you by setting achievable expectations. To be a successful owner or manager, you need to mirror these qualities through your performance management procedures. You need a system that motivates and rewards your employees, one that sets realistic goals that grow your business and your staff and one that provides training and career development opportunities. You need to create a professional environment which your employees want to be part of and one they want to contribute to. That said, you still need to set high professional standards and let employees know that there are consequences if these standards are not maintained.

It's important to address issues early

When performance issues do arise, they must be dealt with properly and not left to fester. If these issues are ignored, it can be difficult for managers and employees to ever properly resolve the situation. Inevitably, this results in an employee exit which could have been easily avoided. There are other times when terminations are the right course of action for both parties. To identify these situations, it is essential that your business implements rigorous human resource performance management procedures. Your company could be at serious risk if you have not followed proper steps and an employee lodges an unfair dismissal claim with Fair Work Australia.

Why you should use Beyond HR for performance management consulting

Beyond HR will implement a performance management process that is practical for managers, relevant to your business goals and engaging and motivating for employees. Our development plan begins with establishing the right key performance indicators for your staff. This is actually where a lot of managers get things wrong. When developed poorly, KPIs can be vague, too challenging and even too achievable. Selecting too many KPIs can also cause confusion and uncertainty among employees. Our agency will develop a small set of relevant KPIs in collaboration with managers and employees. This collaborative, team-based performance management approach ensures that everyone has bought into the process. Beyond HR will also provide training and coaching for managers on how to give feedback, how to conduct performance reviews, how to coach their staff to deal with performance issues.

What makes Beyond HR different?

Beyond HR recognises the connection between performance and management. It would be a mistake to see these two aspects of business separately. Employee performance is enhanced by effective management and employees will only perform to their full capability in the right professional environment. As such, businesses need to be strategic when developing their approach to performance management. We work very closely with managers and employees so that we see the project through to delivering real value, rather than simply providing documents and KPI checklists. At Beyond HR we understand the HRM benefits of performance management to your company and we will ensure that we leave you with a system which maximises your growth and success. We will also continue to provide ongoing help, support and HR advice for all aspects of the performance management process.

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