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Why outsource your HR needs?

Some business owners find the temptation of micromanagement difficult to resist. We understand that feeling. This is your business and you have invested significant time and money into growing your company to where it is today. However, there are times when you need to relinquish control and focus on what it is that you do best, running your business. If you are unable to do so, the opportunity costs can be substantial. In fact, you are likely to spend more time and money fixing your mistakes than if you had sought the services of an outsourcing provider from the beginning. This is the case across areas such as marketing, finance, information technology and of course, human resources

In many businesses across Australia, owners turn to employees for HR solutions rather than securing the services of an HR professional or HR outsourcing provider. This can work if the employees are performing duties at their level, but it can be damaging to your business if they are asked to complete more complex HR tasks. Unless you have a qualified and experienced HR consultant on staff (unlikely in many small businesses), this means that you are using someone who lacks the skills and capabilities to grow your business.

The concept of business process outsourcing is not new in Australia, yet it is also one which is not always properly understood. Building strong partnerships with the right outsourcing provider is critical to the success of small-medium businesses. Considering the complex and varied range of human resources issues, it is easy to see why many owners use business processing services for their HR needs. HR outsourcing provides businesses with expertise which they might otherwise lack. As such, the advantages and benefits of using HR outsourcing are clear. By using outsourced HR services, owners can be confident that their HR needs are being met, allowing them to focus on other areas of business development.

Why you should choose Beyond HR as your HR outsourcing provider

Put simply, HR outsourcing is our company’s core business. Beyond HR was created because we saw businesses crying out for help. We saw businesses struggling their way through the complex world of human resource management. Most troubling, we saw businesses misuse their time and resources to such an extent that their own growth and development suffered. Yet we also saw an opportunity; one in which Beyond HR could provide outsourced HR solutions to benefit small-medium businesses.

A top Melbourne HR consultancy and provider of HR outsourcing solutions, Beyond HR provides the human resource advice and assistance to small-medium companies. Our HR consultants will work closely with you and your employees to determine the best HR outsourcing process for your company. Our HR outsourcing services include:

  • Providing clarity of accountability through rigorous organisational design.
  • Creation of relevant and meaningful position descriptions.
  • Development of performance metrics which are specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time-based.
  • Assistance with performance review processes which enables two-way conversations and helps to address issues early. We ensure it is not overly bureaucratic and that it is practical to use.
  • Provision of leadership training and coaching (with a particular focus on providing feedback to employees and the continuous development of staff).
  • Provision of employment contracts, which have been developed by lawyers, are Fair Work Australia compliant and suitable for the type of position (e.g. a different contract for sales people with non-solicitation clauses).
  • Development and implementation of new entrant training and induction processes which help staff get up to speed faster.

What makes Beyond HR different?

Beyond HR is not just another outsourcing business. Beyond HR is not just another human resource consultancy. Beyond HR is much more than that. We are a group of skilled and passionate HR professionals who genuinely want the best for your business. We want small-medium companies to flourish and be confident with the knowledge that their HR needs are being met. Our outsourcing processes are developed to fit seamlessly into your business operations. We will work side-by-side with you to make sure that what we implement actually works for you, your employees and your business.

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