Personal Effectiveness Training for High Potential Employees

Give your high potential employees a boost in their career with our personal effectiveness training program.

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High potential employees have an innate thirst and ability to learn. Whilst not every employee is going to benefit from training workshops on personal effectiveness, for these employees it is a necessary part of their development and for retaining them.

Why do you need it?

The factors that motivate High Potential Employees are somewhat different to that of many other employees.  Whilst the list may be similar, the priority order is different.  The opportunity to learn, achieve and have a real impact is right up there in terms of what is most important. Whilst it is great to have these employees, it is a double-edged sword - if you are not providing the development and opportunities to continuously further their career, they will eventually look elsewhere for it.

Who is it is for?

This program is for people who are early in their career who have the ability and aspiration to progress to more senior and challenging roles.  There is a requirement that they have high levels aptitude, emotional intelligence and drive.  It is these types of employees who will benefit from the program the most.

Part of the program is that they will develop relationships and networks with like-minded peers.  It is important that it is a certain type of person who is admitted to the program.  Therefore, please note that before being admitted as a Participant for the Program, each Applicant will be required to complete aptitude testing, a personality profile and a feedback session before being admitted to the program.  The Applicant and their manager will be provided with a full report and summary notes on their assessment results.  The fee for this part of the process is $895 +GST and is non-refundable.

What do we offer?

  • 8 x full day workshops covering key areas of personal effectiveness for High Potential Employees to take with them for the rest of their career
  • Personality profiling using multiple assessments to identify likely strengths and weaknesses
  • A tailored career development plan based on the individual's aspirations and strengths
  • Special guest presenters from senior professionals across a diverse range of disciplines, including Sales, Marketing, IT/Program Management, HR, Operations and Finance.

The full program is in total is $8,500 + GST and the modules are detailed below:

What next?

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