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Why do you need bullying and harassment policies?

In the modern workplace, there are few areas of human resource managementmore fraught with more risk than bullying and harassment. For the sake of your employees and your business, it is critical that you are proactive about your bullying and harassment policies. Many small to medium businesses ignore these areas until an incident occurs. Unfortunately, this is simply too late. Recent legislative changes regarding workplace harassmenthave made the need for sound anti-discrimination policies even more important. Educating your employees about the types of bullying in the workplace and what can be done about workplace harassmentshould form a key part of your strategy. This simple strategy can help prevent workplace harassment and promote a positive working environment within your business. However, you also need to be equipped to handle workplace bullying allegations when they occur. At Beyond HR, we’ll assist you in all aspects of workplace bullying policy.

Why should you use Beyond HR for your bullying and harassment policy needs?

Many clients ask us, “how do you prevent bullying in the workplace”? Unfortunately, there is no cure-all solution.Instead, Beyond HR believes that businesses need to approach workplace bullying policy and procedures through a multifaceted approach. For all parties concerned, preventing workplace bullying and harassmentis the priority. To achieve this goal, our human resourcesconsultants will conduct training session for your employees focusing on the issues of bullying and harassment. These sessions will also outline your businesses specific employment discrimination policy. Your employees will also learn the difference between what is and what is not classified as workplace bullying - helping you filter potential issues. Should you encounter any allegations of bullying and harassmentor claims for workplace bullying compensation, Beyond HRwill also provided assistance. As we provide a full range of HR services,we are able to investigate any claims and deal with them accordingly - including disciplinary meetings. 

What makes us different?

Beyond HR hasn’t become a leading provider of bespoke HR servicesby doing things the same as every other HR company. We have forged our reputation by our commitment to the specific needs of our clients. We understand that each business is different and that your human resources needs will differ accordingly. We look at workplace bullying and harassmentmatters from all angles and provide you with options to proceed. We have a high level of empathy for business owners and the challenging positions in which you can often find yourserves. We are highly consultative and ultimately, we are here to support you. We are able to manage risk whilst ensuring that your business retains a positive feel and that your staff feel protected.

With clients Australia wide, our clients are based in all states and major cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin. Contact one of our BeyondHR consultantstoday to inquire about our uniquely personal approach to human resource managementand how it can benefit your business.

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