HR Transformation

HR transformation enables businesses build people capability that creates a competitive advantage.

Our approach involves combined planning and execution to align people in
an organisation to its strategy, with the ultimate goal being to achieve greater

Many business leaders understand an overall direction as to where they want
to go. However, many struggle to change their business to achieve what they
want. An effective HR approach addresses the key
aspects of change that enable a business to achieve its strategy goals.

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What is HR Transformation?

Most medium-sized businesses in Australia believe that HR is a necessary evil.  They think of contracts, policies, disciplinaries and terminations.  Such an approach is what HR used to be, when it was called “personnel management”.  As a cost centre, the goal was to minimise it.

Large corporations moved on from this definition several decades ago and have implemented a strategic approach to human resource management.  Many will employ Strategic People and Culture specialists, whose sole task is to assist the organisation with aligning its people to its strategy and improved performance.  They achieve this by using techniques and knowledge based on proven principles in psychological science and pragmatic management approaches.


Whilst it is unfortunate that many medium-sized businesses in Australia still have a view that HR is simply the old personnel management, it also creates a tremendous opportunity.   For those who understand that the one true source of competitive advantage is in your people and culture, the opportunity to beat the competition is substantial.

By utilising the right HR experts, business leaders have a better chance of achieving their goals.  They do so by avoiding the likely failed efforts of change management practices that neglect that people are people.  Once they unlock the knowledge that enables the change, rather than detracting from it, it is then that business leaders truly appreciate the power of an organisational development approach.

How do we work?

There are three main steps that we implement in succession to develop momentum and demonstrate a tangible difference.

  • Planning Planning

    Planning involves gathering data, diagnosing and developing plans. It also includes aligning expectations of who needs to do what.

  • Action Action

    Actions involve a combination of steps to engage, train and align the business to the new direction.

  • Results Results

    Results are measured in different ways to generate a holistic view of progress and where increased effort is required,

HR Support

We help you resolve current employee issues and then implement processes to reduce the risk of them re-occuring.

Strategy Development

We help to clarify what your strategy is to enable an engaged workforce, an attractie employee value proposition and to align people to strategy.

Organisational Design

We look at the complete design of your organisational, so that you can maximise your time spent on high value tasks and enable others to take full accountability.

Training & Development

We provide training and development solutions that provide a clear and tangible results.

Employee Retention

We provide you insight into how to best attract and retain talent, including your current team

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